2018 World Premiere: a life-changing therapy for SCI patients


The structure of association Neurogel en marche


Neurogel en Marche Assocation is a first-of-a-kind organization of paralyzed people, friends and family members. THE STRENGTH OF ITS PROJECT lies in its atypical character which provides people the opportunity to get involved. Determined to tackle their handicap rather than work with it, the patients have mobilized to fund the researchers who seek the quickest and best application possible. The Association is organized around meeting three major complementing themes: achieving the fundamental priority of addressing the needs of paralyzed members; building upon a history of definitive experience in the area of research and development of NEUROGEL™; and sponsoring a “Project NEUROGEL™” that will meet the rigorous protocols and result in a cure for symptoms of paraplegia and quadriplegia.


- it owns the intellectual property of the patent in three countries; - it coordinates between the scientific teams until the beginning of the clinical trial; - it coordinates all relations between administration, institutions and organizations likely to support the project; - it sponsors the pre-clinical trials; - it promotes the clinical trial; seeks and coordinates financing. The Board of Administrators is made up of twelve members. Its president, Jean-Luc GAY plays an essential and driving role.

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The council is made up of world renowned scientists.

Professor ALFREDO GORIO : head of the national Italian program on lesions of the spinal cord. He is also the Director of clinical pharmacology IRCCS Humanitas and of the Department of Surgery at the School of Medecine of the University of Milan.

Professor MICHAEL SCHUMACHER : Director of Research at INSERM UMR 788 and at the University Paris-SUD 11 at Kremlin-Bicetre. Known worldwide for his work on neuroprotection and neurogeneration. Professor MEHARVAN SINGH : Professor at the Department of Pharmacology and Neuroscience at the University of North Texas (USA) a specialist in progesterone,

Doctor TANGUY MARQUESTRE : In charge of the Laboratory of Physiological Determinants of Physical Activity (UPRES 2385) School of Sports Sciences at the University de Mediterranee (Aix-Marseille II) He works on electrotherapy, electro-stimulation, and physiotherapy.

Professor EVA SYKOVA : director of the Institute of Experimental Medecine of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. She is a specialist in hydrogels with a synthetic polymer bases. She works in a GMP laboratory (Good Medical Practice) in accordance with European norms.

Professor ETIENNE-EMILE BAULIEU : Honorary professor at the College de France, and in charge of the laboratory « Hormone and Genetics » of INSERM. He works on hormones and reproduction, glial cells and the neurobiology of hormones. He is the inventor of the abortion pill RU 486 et from the DHEA.