2018 World Premiere: a life-changing therapy for SCI patients


The other approches of therapy

Originality of the approach compared to other ongoing research

There are other research approaches, entirely distinct from NEUROGEL™.  In almost 15 years, each of the following gave way to at least one clinical trial:

- Activated macrophages: Israël
- Stem cells: Russia (Novossibirsk; Moscow), Korea, Brazil, Poland
- Olfactive cells: Portugal, Australia (Brisbane), United States (Detroit) ; Great Britain (London) ; Bulgaria
- Embryonic stem cells: United States (Florida): Sweden (Uppasala); Russia ; South Korea ; China
- Autologous hematopoïetic stem cells: Czech Republic, The Equator

Tens of volunteer patients have been operated on with disappointing results, (failure, very minimal gains; none have walked again).Because spinal cord lesions cannot be repaired yet, priority has been  given to « rehabilitation aimed at alleviating discomfort of the patient.”

NEUROGEL™ embodies a new therapeutic approach called “biomaterial”, validated by AFSSAPS who recognized “that this product appears to possess a potentially innovative character in a field with a great need for a new therapeutic approach” and officially offered its support for the project on July, 2010 which can now move to the clinical stage.

This innovative character was also noted by neurosurgeon Antonio Reis who already operates in Lisbon, “I can obtain some recovery in my patients but only partial. The only way I can go further is by using a biomaterial such as NEUROGEL™ for the CNS, which I believe will be the future.”