2018 World Premiere: a life-changing therapy for SCI patients


Research teams involved



Le Dr Decherchi et le Neurogel

Doctor Patrick DECHERCHI : Director of the “Plasticity of the Muscular and Nervous Systems’” team, (UMR CNRS 623), Université de la Méditerranée (NEUROGEL™, Aix-Marseille II). He is conducting a preclinical study in Marseille which aims to show the regrowth of nerve fibers in NEUROGEL™ as well as neuronal regeneration within NEUROGEL™ through the addition of mesenchymal stem cells and EPO + progesterone, two hormones which are key to neuronal regeneration.


photo de la Pr Eva Sykova

Professor EVA SYKOVA : Head of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of Prague, Czech Republic director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. She is the investigator of a preclinical trial in agreement with the Association/under contract. She wants to conduct a clinical trial on humans, and she is capable of manufacturing NEUROGEL™in her own laboratory, in accordance with the “good manufacturing practices" (GMP) required for a clinical trial.


Dr Patrizia Ferretti

Doctor Patrizia FERRETTI : in charge of the « Developmental Biology » at the Neuroscience UCL Institute in London. Her team and she work on the culture of human neural stem cells and in particular on culturing such cells in NEUROGEL™.


Docteur Kumar Gupta PAWAN

Dr. Kumar Gupta PAWAN : director of clinical research at Stempeutics. He wants to conduct a pre-clinical and clinical trial by combining NEUROGEL™ with stem cells (over three years). Stempeutics is a leading company in stem cell development with facilities in Bangalore and Manipal (India) and in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Professeur Abdelfattah M'RABET

Pr. M'RABET Abdelfattah : Delta of the Pan Arab Spine Congress, President of the Tunisian study and research group on the spine and spinal cord; Professor of orthopaedics and specialist of the spinal cord.
He wants to conduct a clinical trial in Tunis.