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Current status of research about chronic and acute lesions


Acute and chronic lesions
This combination provided results in animals, in chronic lesions (old) as in acute (new).  Thanks to this therapy, animals regained the ability to walk ; little by little, they regained, with various degrees,  hind legs motricity and movement coordination.
Electrophysiology tests demonstrated the passage of nerve impulses after the transplantation of the product.  The walking function being much more significant in humans, will and physiotherapy aside, results will more even more compelling. 


Acute lesions
The ongoing preclinical study led by Dr. DECHERCHI in Marseille, France, is about to be completed. The study  focuses on the combination of NEUROGEL™+ EPO + progesterone.
The current model is that of an acute spinal cord injury in adult rats.  The protocol aims to compare the effect of NEUROGEL™ on a group of rats who suffered a spinal cord injury compared to an untreated group.   This comparison is based on criteria for the evaluation of their neurophysiological improvement.  The observation period is 20 weeks after which the animals are to be euthanized for analyses.  Several groups were constituted: one is treated with only EPO, another with only progesterone, and  a third one with a combination of NEUROGEL™ and the two hormones (EPO and progesterone.)

Initial results suggest a confirmation of Dr. Stephane Woerly’s work, that is to say they confirm the effacy of NEUROGEL™ ; this efficacy is greatly superior when NEUROGEL™ is associated with the two hormones.

The preclinical program described by Dr. DECHERCHI should bring further proof of the validity of the concept for the use NEUROGEL™ combined with the two hormones for patients in the acute phase.  However, this model is inadequate in the case of a chronic injury.  To complete the clinical program as originally outlined by Neurogel en Marche Association, a further study on an animal model with a chronic lesion will be carried out under identical conditions.



Chronic lesions
The purpose of this preclinical trial is to observe the result of the combination of NEUROGEL™ + EPO + progesterone + MSC (mesnchymal stem cells) in a T8 double section in rats.  This combination has never been attempted yet.

However, in Feb 02, 2011 we received reports that Pr. Eva SYKOVA’s team had already successfully treated chronic lesions of the spinal cord in rats : in six months, they regained mobility and sensitivity (motor and sensory functions) in their hind legs.


Neurogel en Marche Association’s goal is to promote a human trial for the treatment of spinal cord injuries with  NEUROGEL™ ‘s entirely synthetic extracellular matrix, combined with other technologies that favor the regeneration of nerve tissue. To this end, the Association is seeking funding sources and partners.

Dr. DECHERCHI’s team is thinking of conducting= contemplating a clinical trial on the NEUROGEL™+ EPO + progesterone combination ; 

Pr. Sykova  wants to combine NEUROGEL™+ EPO + progesterone .

This clinical phase will begin as soon as the preclinical phases on acute and chronic lesions have been completed.

During  the 05/25/2010 meeting between ANSM authorities and Neurogel en Marche Association, ANSM, who will ultimately evaluate the applications for a clinical trial in France, reaffirmed its favorable opinion of the NEUROGEL™technology, within the framework of its policy of guidance for innovation.