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At the moment, Neurogel en Marche Association is exclusively funded by its members and by a few generous donors (associations and private companies.)

Volunteers also play an important role as they help maintain the website, or contact elected officials. We are very proud of the Neurogel en Marche community, and we need your help to continue and fund our first human clinical trial.

As you can see on this website, we are getting very close to a successful conclusion. We are asking all those who can contribute to make a donation. No amount is too small to take us to the finish line!

Thank you in advance for your contribution.


You may now join or renew your membership online. Please remember to fill out the printable form or contact Jean-Luc Gay when you have completed your payment. You can also combine your membership dues and any donation you wish to make on your PayPal payment.

As a non-profit organization recognized of public interest, Neurogel en Marche is entitled to deliver receipts for tax exemptions in France. Please check existing laws in your country of residence.

In June 2008, the Internal Revenue Service granted us authority to provide our generous donors and members with fiscal receipts for tax deductions. Private individuals can deduct 66% of their payments, which may total up to 20% of their income tax.

Since 01/01/2003, payments from businesses (subject to a regular taxation rate) that give money to nonprofit organizations are entitled to a 60% tax reduction (65 % for certain payments to nonprofit research organizations), up to a 0.5% of the annual turnover payment ceiling (net of taxes). Private companies can choose between this tax regime and the one offered to private individuals. This allows them to choose the most advantageous option, based upon the ceiling applicable at the time.

Tax laws vary by country; donors need to verify requirements and allowable deductions.