2018 World Premiere: a life-changing therapy for SCI patients


Funding a 12 patient study

Treatment of chronic lesions of the spinal cord using activated fat - a three-dimensional autologous matrix derived from adipose tissue combined with erythropoietin (EPO)

Association NeuroGel en Marche must bear the financial cost for the study and is launching a fundraiser with the goal of obtaining funds to cover the costs associated with treating a minimum of 12 volunteer patients: 6 American or French patients and 6 Chinese patients. Volunteers can leave their contact information on the contact form available on our website.
A reliable estimate of the cost for 12 patients in China has been quantified with the Tongren hospital. The total cost of operations with a one month hospital/clinic stay, including surgery, 11 months of physiotherapy in China, all related medications (including EPO) and quarterly analyses (Kunming scale, scanner, MRI, radios, etc.) is 720,000 euros for 12 patients.
This cost includes stay in a private ("luxury") room. Some patients may require unique nursing assistance. This and meals are the responsibility of the patient.
Currently, the Association, with the help of various donors, has raised 350,000 euros: half of the required sum.
The ball in now in your court !