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From the President’s desk - July 2014

Dear member,
Serious family issues have taken me away from the Association...

... for several months, hence my delay in providing you with an update. We are pursuing our efforts towards a clinical trial.  


We are now fully aware that we will not get any help from politicians, and that neither of the two main national organizations specialized in Spinal Cord Injury (The Brain & Spine Institute (ICM) & The French Institute for Spinal Cord Research ( IRME)) is prepared to support our project.  We met  with Pr. Djillali ANNANE, Counselor for Research and Medical Education to French Minister of Health, Mrs. Marysol Touraine.  This meeting was totally unproductive since we did not receive any feedback!

Fortunately, some French researchers or scientists are interested in our project:
-    The Timone Clinical Investigation Center, in Marseille and more precisely "Orphanet". to be continued.
-    Several biotech companies have asked me about Neurogel, and wish to offer their support; these leads are too recent for me to elaborate on them.


We continue to work with Pr. Gorio.  The professor's line of stem cells offers a more global approach to the treatment of lesions of the spinal cord.  Neurogel would/will no longer be an empty matrix but one to be harvested by immortal neural stem cells created and cloned from the patient's own adipose stem cells.   This would avoid all ethical controversies.  These cells are needed to prolong the regeneration process.

We could finalize the development of these cells combined with Neurogel in a clinical trial in China, Tunisia or Portugal with Dr. Reis, within a reasonable timeline and with good chances of success.   

We also met with Pr. Gregoire Courtine in his Geneva laboratory.  Pr. Courtine and Pr. Decherchi, after exchanging their results on their respective work, agreed that the solution will reside in a combination of multiple therapies including electro stimulation, hydrogel implant and stem cells.   Pr. Courtine wished to test Neurogel and wishes to collaborate with our association.   This is great news considering his great world reputation.

As you can see, we are actively involved in our project, building contacts and finding partners that make me think we could reach our objective in the course of 2014.  We are still busy seeking funding.  

The Board of Administrators and I would like to thank all those who have helped and are still working towards the completion of our project. Our
particular thanks to Mrs. Ple, Picot, Peyras, Rondio, Lecointre, Joineau, Bibal, and Decherchi (among others) for their unfailing commitment.

Finally, I would like to remind you that you can still renew your membership.   The dues remain set at 20 euros.

 Till next time,

Jl Gay