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From the President’s desk - August 2013

Dear member,
The latest pre-clinical trials conducted by Dr. Decherchi in Marseille once again confirmed the validity of Pr. Woerly’s work , and as such the significance of Neurogel...
His results demonstrate that « animals whose spinal cord had been filled with the hydrogel showed improvement in locomotor tests,…the axons damaged by the spinal lesion regenerated within the Neurogel implant… » (Synthesis of Dr. Decherchi’s article.)
We will now again contact the CICs of Garchesand Grenoble, the CIT of  Bordeaux, the various organizations in charge of disability, and politicians, regarding the project in France.  As I already wrote, combining the project with stem cells will not be easy in France, but we might be pleasantly surprised!
On July 1st, we met with press-relations agency Auvray & Associes, since we chose to work with press officers for a more credible and professional media coverage.
First, the Agency will target the largest audience possible by sending a press report to all radio and television media.  This will ensure Dr. Patrick Decherchi’s publication quickly reaches the news and gets the proper coverage.  Second, we will post a simplified version of this press report on our website for the general public.  A downloadable brochure (for businesses &/or sponsors) will also be available.
As you know, we hired the services of « Welcome Europe », an agency, specialized in finding European funds.   They provided us with a report stating that the Association may be eligible for two specific programs:
HORIZON 2020 societal challenges - health: The European programs for research support highlight the need to strengthen our fundamental understanding of the themes of health, disease, disability, development and ageing (including life expectancy), as well as a consistent and diffuse translation of the knowledge arising from these research activities in innovative, flexible and efficient product strategies, interventions and services,. The reality of these challenges throughout Europe and often around the world requires a reaction characterized by coordinated support and long-term cooperation between teams of excellence, multidisciplinary and multisectoral.
The aim of the program is to integrate European (and other) research in the field of neuroscience to improve prevention, early diagnosis and the treatment of diseases of the CNS central nervous system (neurological and psychiatric diseases.)
The 2012 call for translational proposals will encourage multinational and multidisciplinary research for methodological developments and innovative technologies to increase knowledge and therapeutic advances in neurological and psychiatric diseases.  For example, technological developments regarding methods of investigation such as imagery or the research of new targets for therapeutic development (pharmacology and drugs, cellular and genetic therapy, stem cells etc.) have a place in this program.
One of the paramount requirements is: “The projects must involve a minimum of three teams, from at least three different countries.”  We already fulfill that requirement! Our three teams of renowned scientists (from France, Italy and Portugal,), and our Canadian manufacturer, are ready to move to the clinical trial stage on humans.
Our objective is to combine Neurogel with autologous stem cells.
We MUST use Gorio’s stem cells for a more extensive approach in the treatment of lesions of the spinal cord. (see « Translational Research Strategies for the Treatment of Acute Spinal Cord Injury”) Neurogel would/will no longer be just an inactive matrix, but one that could be colonized by immortal neural stem cells, cloned after the patient’s adipose stem cells.  This would eliminate all ethical controversy.  Re-growth and differentiation are present in Neurogel alone, with synaptic profiles, but in chronic lesions, and depending on the nature of the lesion, the way to motor and sensory targets could be a long one.  We need these cells to provide an enduring process of regeneration.
We are therefore pursuing our application for European funding and are following up with our points of contact in France.
Today, in 2013, we have never been closer to achieving our goal! We need all of you to mobilize and be actively involved in our funding research.
We need volunteers to:
.  Actively use the social networks by providing a continuous flow of information
.  Communicate on the websites and blogs of associations supporting research for spinal cord injury (ex. ALARME)
.  Tell your friends and associates about the project ; talk to people in rehab centers to recruit members and volunteers.    .
. Look for patrons/sponsors by writing to companies
. Contact associations and foundations
. Organize lotto nights; send your friends and relatives reminders
. Write to your elected officials, regional or state representatives, your congressmen/women, your senators, the Minister of Health, the minister in charge of people with disabilities.  Let them know we want a therapy.
We will be glad to provide you with sample letters and help all those who wish to be involved. It is IMPORTANT that we convey the same message as our press officers’. Please be sure to check their presentation on the Association’s website.
Till next time,
Jean-Luc GAY
Anthony PLE
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