2018 World Premiere: a life-changing therapy for SCI patients


Dear member and donor of Neurogel en Marche Association,

As you know, since 2006 we have surrounded ourselves with a solid scientific counsel made up of top-ranking researchers.   In 2004, our association became aware that Neurogel alone would not provide a solution for the treatment of paralysis.
This did not call into question the fundamental qualities of Neurogel as a growth matrix, but it forced us to conduct studies to combine Neurogel with factors that can induce a better regeneration, and this included stem cells. 
The turning point occurred in 2007, when we started funding studies going in that direction.
As soon as 2009, these funds went mainly to the work of Pr. Alfredo Gorio, in Milan. The professor managed to isolate and identify the key factors that stem cells must express to orient themselves, survive, colonize and reorganize an injured spinal cord environment.

Without going into complicated medical details, Pr. Gorio isolated and selected a certain type of stem cells from the adipose tissue (in short, the fat) through a machine that he developed. This unit carries out a specific biomechanical treatment that induced metabolic modifications.

It fundamentally changed the very character of these cells by inciting them through this process to produce powerful factors of survival and cellular protection, without using aggressive methods that might alter the DNA. The adipose tissue thus treated is called activated fat because of the presence of extremely high levels of immuno-suppressive, anti-inflammatory and cellular growth factors.

This long-term study was largely funded by our association, thanks to your gifts, your actions and your membership dues. The work on these adipose derived stem cells has now yielded results, making these fat derived stem cells:
- Resistant to lack of oxygen
- Resistant to the intrinsic factors of the spinal cord that prevent the regrowth of nerve fibers by immunosuppression
- Capable of surviving and moving to a lesion site
- Capable of differentiation into nerve cells, including oligodendrocytes that allow the sheathing of nerve fibers.

Very positive results have been obtained:

In a Parkinson’s disease rat model, Pr. Gorio’s stem cells suppressed neuro-inflammation in 48 hours and the symptoms of the disease disappeared in 5 days!

This activated fat has also been applied to a spinal cord lesion in a group of mice, after opening of the dura mater, as is customary in neurosurgery. After 3 weeks, the mice walked again, having recovered 80% of their functions.

Publications are ongoing.

This activated fat can be applied to an acute or chronic lesion, with or without Neurogel, depending on the type of lesion.

This activated fat is autologous, which means that it comes from the patients themselves, greatly simplifying the clinical authorization process.

Today, we must put all our energy and concentrate all our efforts toward reaching our goal: an effective treatment for all types of spinal cord damage.

I understand that for some it may seem like a very long process, but we simply cannot avoid the numerous constraints and legislation of biomedical research.

The Board of Administrators joins me to thank all those who are working and have worked toward the development of our project, and who have shown remarkable commitment to further our goal.

I also take this opportunity to invite you to renew your membership. Membership dues are still 20 Euros, online or by paper form.

Till next time.

Jean-Luc Gay